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Emergency Pressure Relief Valves
Emergency Pressure Relief Valves are installed in flammable fluid storage tank to prevent generation of internal over pressure that may burst storage tanks or silos. Standard grade aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel have been used for the fabrication of these valves. Ease of installation, log working life, air tight sealing capacity, rust protected design and minimal maintenance charge are some of the key attributes of these valves.
Flame Arrester
Flame Arrester has a crucial role in preventing entrance of fire inside flammable liquid storage tanks or silos. This stainless steel or carbon steel made flame arrester can be cleaned and replaced easily. Perfect for high temperature prone working environment utilization purpose, this product consists of stainless steel made flame retardant element, PTFE made gasket and stainless steel made fastener with zinc plated surface.
Breather Valves
Ergonomically developed Breather Valves are used as essential part of storage silos or containers used in breweries or chemical processing plants. The advanced design of these valves enables these to prevent internal pressure generation and toxic vapor content inside storage tank or container to avert contamination. These aluminum made valves contain copper or brass fabricated trim part and PTFE or nitrile developed seats.
Combined Conservation Vent
Our offered Combined Conservation Vent is an ideal option for rendering less leakage and maximum capacity for the flow. Besides, it can also handle flammable solvents and other liquids that possess low flash points. The mentioned vent is constructed with a unitized design which comes with a conservation valve which is loaded with weight for pressure and vacuum venting.
Combined Vent
We offer Combined Vent is designed and constructed with the capability of achieving higher capacity for the flow. By utilizing this vent, pressure can be easily and quickly vented while opening the valve. It also contains number of plates for the cooling of hot gases and flame jet.
Gauge Hatch
Our offered Gauge Hatch is engineered to mount screw with a thread to the nozzle of the tank. The cover of this hatch is especially designed for preventing tampering during the locked position. Storage tanks can be easily accessed to gauge temperature or sampling of products. It is available with a foot opening cover and is spark-proof.
Slot Dipping Device
These Slot Dipping Devices are designed to provide convenient, secured and safe methods for a range of applications from dipping, sampling to temperature gathering. They are used in bulk storage tanks having volatile and hazardous products.